BAYOYO 2023: Science Academy - Sabancı University - Istanbul Technical University
Machine Learning Summer School

Recent Techniques in Machine Learning: From Theory to Applications
22-25 June 2023

The event will be in Turkish.


BAYOYO 2023: Science Academy - Sabancı University - Istanbul Technical University Machine Learning Summer School

22-25 June 2023

We are pleased to announce the 8th Science Academy Machine Learning Summer School, which will be held in Sabancı University between 22-25 June this year. Sabancı University and Istanbul Technical University Informatics Institute organize this summer school under the supervision of the Science Academy. The first of the "Machine Learning Summer School" series was held In 2016, and in the following years, the following institutions were successfully organized with different themes:

The theme of this year's summer school will be “Recent Techniques in Machine Learning: From Theory to Applications”.

The purpose of the summer school is to:

  • refresh the basic knowledge required to conduct research in AI,
  • provide information about the latest research developments,
  • bring together industry and graduate students,
  • provide interaction between thesis students and instructors who are experts in their fields.

The target audience of the summer school is graduate students, faculty members, and interested persons in industrial establishments and technoparks who are interested in AI research.




Applications: 31 March - 15 May 2023 22 May 2023

Notification of acceptance: 1 June 2023

Registration: 2 - 8 June 2023

Invitation to reserve list: 9 June 2023

Registration of reserve list: 9 - 11 June 2023

Summer school applications will be received until 15 22 May 2023. Admissions will take into account the willingness to submit a poster, candidate's motivation and suitability for the purpose. After the announcement of the results, the registration fee will need to be paid. The participation fee for the summer school is 250 TL for students, 500 TL for academics and 1000 TL for the employees of the institution, to cover the expenses of the summer school. Lunch, tea and coffee treats are also included in this price. Accommodation needs of students in need may be provided in the dormitories of Sabancı University for a fee. Students who will attend from the regions affected by the earthquake will be given priority to stay in the dormitory.


A. Aydın Alatan

Middle East Technical University

Bülent Sankur

Boğaziçi University


For any questions or problems, please contact the address below.

[email protected]